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Viva Moz Morrissey Christmas sweaters now available to pre-order


These were around some time back, then disappeared fairly quickly. Now the Viva Moz Morrissey Christmas sweaters are back once more – but you'll have to be quick to get one.

Not just one design this time, you get to choose between two knits, the Vulgar Face Sweater above and the Vulgar Starlight sweater below. According to Viva Moz, the quality of the sweaters is 'better than ever', each knitted 'using the finest, softest, vegan-friendly acrylic around ', with no heaviness or itching.

Of course, a Morrissey sweater isn't just for Christmas, it's for life if you look after it and pay the £44.99 asking price. Pre-orders now, with the sweaters dispatched on 20th November.

Find out more at the Viva Moz website


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