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eBay watch: Vintage 1960s Dansette Major De-Luxe 21 record player with legs


Not sure whether this is a music player or a work of art. To be honest, this vintage 1960s Dansette Major De-Luxe 21 record player with legs is probably both.

As you mitt have guessed, this vintage player has been refurbished, recovered in a blue and cream cloth and completely stripped down and cleaned, with any necessary parts upgraded or fitted, including a 'new old stock' BSR X5H cartridge for the deck, which plays at four speeds and from sizes 7 to 12 inch.

It looks like new, finished off well with those removable Dansette legs to create a stylish piece of furniture as well as a way of playing your old vinyl via its valve amplifier. There are some minor faults (like a 'tiny little tooth' missing from the front grill, for example), but hardly deal breakers.

Anyway, if you fancy having this in your living room, the price right now is £146.

Find out more at the eBay website

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