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The Poets Collection by Wasted and Wounded


They given a similar treatment to Sixties' classic and punk, but if your music tastes lean more towards introspection, then The Poets Collection by Wasted and Wounded may be to your liking.

In Wasted and Wounded's book, the poets are singer-songwriters Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith – you can breathe a sigh of relief that it doesn't include the solo ramblings to Jim Morrison. As with their other prints, the concept is to distill their works into a collection of phrases. Drake's first album Five Leaves Left, Smith's Horses and the works of Cohen have been given the Wasted and Wounded treatment, in a simple black typography against a white background. The prints cost £36 each or you can buy all three for £80.

Visit Wasted and Wounded to buy.

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