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1950s Poul Henningsen PH 5 pendant light reissued in new contemporary colourways


It's a timeless Scandinavian classic, but it looks like the 1950s Poul Henningsen PH 5 pendant light has been reissued to fit in with more contemporary decor.

The light itself is unchanged from the 1958 Danish original, a layered light that has often been copied, but never been bettered. The new version offers four new 'modern' colour options, those being white/rose and rose/green, along with army green/dark grey and dark grey/turquoise, all with a matt finish and bronze-coloured spacers.

Of course, it's still a pricey design, selling for £495. Look at it as an investment – you'll not be updating this one in a hurry. Unless you redecorate, obviously.

Find out more at the Panik Design website


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