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1960s Bordfolk Danish eggcups remade and available in the UK


If you follow our Junior Hipster site (or the Twitter or Facebook networks), you might well be familiar with these wonderful 1960s Bordfolk Danish eggcups.

Bordfolk means ‘table people’, which does a good job in summing up what these cute little things actually are. Each one is made of beech wood, hand decorated and boxed, just as they were in their Scandinavian heyday of the 1960s and '70s.

The difference now is that Scandinavian company Lucie Kaas is making them after they went out of production some years back. Also, you can now get then in the UK too, thanks to Hus & Hem, which sells a selection of the eggcups for £12 each.

Find out more at the Hus & Hem website

Via Junior Hipster