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Toto wooden dolls by Kaj Franck


Think Kaj Franck, and you may well be recalling his famous glassware. However, he's also responsible for these Toto wooden dolls, recently reissued designs that date to 1945. 

These dolls were originally designed for a Finnish magazine, and the reissue is a set of four villagers, called Martta, Kerttu, Aaro and Eemil. In fact, Franck originally designed over 100 dolls! These dolls are made in the traditional manner from turned wood and finished with painting by hand. They are dressed in what's apparently traditional Finnish costume, and use some of Franck's favourite colours and shapes to quite charming effect. 

The pricing is far from whimsical however. Each doll is priced at 217 euros.

You can order them from the Finnish Design Shop


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