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Indie cycling: Ride cycling jersey and bib shirts by Milltag

Indie cycling: Ride cycling jersey

Now here’s an odd combination. Indie and cycling. Specifically the Ride cycling jersey and bib shirts by Milltag.

Whether you’re a fan of the band or not, this is still a cool retro-style cycling jersey. But if you are a fan, you might recognise the design as being inspired by the band’s Nowhere album, with the rear of the shirt adding the ‘Leave Then All Behind’ track name.

The Ride logo on the front, back and side panels, as well as the shorts, which have a rigid elastane leg cuff with silicone gripper. Why Ride? Well, the people the label are fans of the band and coincidentally, Ride bassist Steve Queralt is a keen cyclist.

If you want the gear, you can pre-order now, with both items available together for £120.

Find out more at the Milltag website


Indie cycling: Ride cycling jersey


Ride cycling jersey

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