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DJ-phone’s Satisfashion – retro handset for hip DJs

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Djphone Ever looked at the DJ booth in your local club and wondered why the bloke (or girl) on there happens to be on the phone? They’re not booking a taxi or chatting to a mate, the DJ is lining up the next disc for your enjoyment, free of weighty headphones that might flatten the hip young thing’s hair. Or more practically, leaving one ear open to hear what’s going on.

And you can pick one up too – the very stylish DJ-phone by Satisfashion. It’s a high quality vintage Swedish handset, converted for headphone functionality. In fact, the attention to detail in the conversion means you can actually hear both channels on the earphone, making cueing up your next tune a breeze.

Yours from Sivletto for £25.

Find out more at the Sivletto website

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