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Vintage-style Crosley Keepsake Map turntable

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No, we don't know why there's a map on this inside and out, we'll put the look of this Crosley Keepsake Map turntable simply down to rather creative design.

Mind you, we never really questioned some of the weird and wonderful graphics you occasionally found on vintage Dansette record players, so we're not going to dig too deeply here.

After all, you are probably buying this as much for the functionality as the design (although the design does have a vintage charm). Anyway, this is a USB-ready turntable (which means there's the option of transferring vinyl to MP3), with the ability to play 7 and 12-inch records on 33, 45 and 78 speeds. There's also an automatic return arm, a diamond stylish needle, adjustable tone and full range stereo speakers.

All of which packs up into that outer 'suitcase' with chrome snap closure, corner guards and handle. £165 is the price.

Find out more at the Urban Outfitters website


2 thoughts on “Vintage-style Crosley Keepsake Map turntable

  1. How do you find out the needle type if it needs to be replaced? I am trying to locate a model # for buying a new needle

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