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Mid-Century Illustration: Olle Eksell Önskedrom collection at Ikea

Olle poster

Could do with some colourful cheer in your life? Ikea's new Önskedrom collection – featuring the designs of illustrator Olle Eksell – will provide an abundance of that. 

Eksell was a prolific Swedish designer - we flagged up some of his prints previously - and his work encompassed everything from book covers to posters and fabric patterns. He even wrote books on design. 

Ikea have echoed his range in a range of products, from prints like the one shown above to trays, napkins, posters, as well as cushions (including the example below) and fabric lengths. The products display a variety of illustrations, but all are united by a joyful sense of fun. 

And, as you would expect of Ikea, the prices are extremely budget friendly: the poster is priced at £6 and cushion is just £3.50. 

See the range online.



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