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eBay watch: Giant Coca Cola can hi-fi system

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Not as old as most things we feature in this spot, but you can see why we are flagging up this giant Coca Cola can hi-fi system – and that’s before we get to the current modest price.

It probably dates from the late 1980s (the seller says ‘very 80s’, a giant Coca Cola can housing what used to be called a music centre, hi-fi system or stacking stereo. You know the kind of thing. Oh yes, the speakers are also built into the sides.

Close the door and it looks like a huge can. Open it up and play your music. Or some of your music, at least. There is a small problem with this, the CD drawer not opening. The seller claims it is ‘easily fixed’, but you can make your own mind up on that. Until it is, you’ll have to make do with digging out your old cassettes and playing them or sticking the radio on.

It comes with a remote (which might need some attention) and the original booklet. How much? Right now it is £2.20 with five days to go.

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One thought on “eBay watch: Giant Coca Cola can hi-fi system

  1. I Had one of these back in the 90’s . It looked cool & it impressed my friends that came to my house to play games but when it actually came to playing music it was terrible . The cassette deck both of them kept on chewing up all my tapes & when I got it fixed the guy could not get all the tape from around the head so any recordings I made for friends sounded awful & had that wowing sound and anything I tried to play in there had that same sound and it was shockingly bad . The sound was shit it could not handle anything with a lot of base , it sounded like it was vibrating & you could even see the speakers violently popping in & out unless you took the whole line the base out and then you were left with nothing & it sounded no better than when you hear someone playing a song through a built in mobile phone speaker . This product was definitely style over substance , was sort of OK when I first got it aged 12 but when I started to get properly into music it just sucked .

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