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eBay watch: 1970s Rosita UFO Vision 2000 space age hi-fi system


We have featured a couple of Rosita audio system in the past (namely here and here), but this Rosita UFO Vision 2000 hi-fi system is undoubtedly our favourite.

Designed out of West Germany in 1971 by Thilo Oerke, the design is pure space age – a globe holding the audio kit, with a chromed tulip-style stand for support. sadly, the audio doesn't quite live up to the design, a very 'of the era' cassette player and radio, although the futuristic controls and slide-up clear domed lid make up for it in some way.

It's described as being in 'original unrestored condition, with 'only marginal wear' to show for the years. Not cheap though, £1,899 on a 'Buy It Now' or you can make an offer. Another image over the page, many more on the listing.

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