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1970s Verner Panton 123 Lounge Chairs reissued by VerPan


Originally dating back to 1973, two versions of the Verner Panton 123 Lounge Chairs have been reissued.

It's been off the reissue market since 1989 (we featured an eBay find of one some time back), but is now back in both the standard (pictured over the page) and the De Luxe above. The difference is obviously the finish, with both of these space age classics offering a choice of fabric or leather upper and brushed aluminium bases. The De Luxe has that buttoned finish, as you can see.

Prices based on finish, but start at £800. A dining chair version is alas available with a slightly different shape from £595.

Find out more at the TwentyTwentyOne website

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