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Newgate Footed Retro Alarm Clock


A clock that seems to straggle two eras, but to good effect – the Newgate Footed Retro Alarm Clock.

That tulip-style base and rounded shape has a hint of the late '60s or early-to-mid 1970s, but the face has the look of a slightly earlier time.

Standing at 17.5cm tall, you can grab one online for £17.50.

Find out more at the John Lewis website

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Paladone Pac Man Alarm Clock

There appears to be a rash to retro gaming products about at the moment (probably in preparation for the approaching festive season, although we are loath to mention it just yet), including this Pac-Man Alarm Clock from Paladone.

As you can see here, the clock consists of a giant pac-man with a digital clock inside his mouth. The alarm uses authentic sounds from the original game, which should be irritating enough to get most people out of bed on time.

It is available to buy online from Comet for £29.99.