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Antique brass desk spotlight

We've featured a couple lights in this style recently: now this antique brass desk spotlight offers the same look with a twist. 

The twist is revealed in the name. While this looks like a free standing floor model, in fact it measures just 45cm high making it more suitable to a table than making a grand lighting statement. The scale aside, it's got that vintage look, with the requisite tripod legs, and offers an interesting look for your desk. 

The price is £220.

Buy it from Alexander & Pearl 

Categories / Design and Interiors

Deco-style dressing table from Alexander and Pearl

This dressing table from Alexander and Pearl isn't the first we've featured that takes inspiration from the Art Deco style and I'm sure it won't be the last. The period works really well for a piece of furniture that's meant to evoke glamour. 

This piece certainly is glamorous, with its mirrored finish and curved shape. The mirror folds down flat, giving it a practical use as a table too when not required for make-up touch-ups. There are two concealed drawers too, perfect for stashing away beauty secrets. 

The table costs £625 with the matching stool costing an additional £275. 

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