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Antique brass desk spotlight

We've featured a couple lights in this style recently: now this antique brass desk spotlight offers the same look with a twist. 

The twist is revealed in the name. While this looks like a free standing floor model, in fact it measures just 45cm high making it more suitable to a table than making a grand lighting statement. The scale aside, it's got that vintage look, with the requisite tripod legs, and offers an interesting look for your desk. 

The price is £220.

Buy it from Alexander & Pearl 

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Vintage-style spotlight lamp from Dwell

If you want to make a dramatic statement in your house, this spotlight lamp from Dwell could be just the thing you are looking for.

It's fashioned to look like a vintage spotlight, with wooden tripod legs and a stainless steel head that helps create a bright pool of light. Though it might be a long way from Hollywood, it's sure to add a touch of tinsel town glamour to your living room. 

The lamp costs £299. 

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