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Baby Betty Pin-Up Purses from Miss Bud


Much of the style of modern pin-up reinvention is unflinchingly daring, with bright colours, bold prints and luxurious textures collding to create a vampy and kitsch look. If you love the style but aren’t quite brave enough to go whole hog yet, well chosen accessories are an ideal in-road.

These Baby Betty Pin-Up Purses by Miss Bud have all the kitsch appeal of a pin-up inspired rockabilly look in one piece. A satin-look fabric provides the luxurious edge to a classic, tattoo style pin-up and card game print – a look now synonymous with 50s rockabilly fashion. Finished with a kiss-lock clasp and vintage style frame it’s the perfect way to get some retro in your every day wardrobe.

Get yours online from Dollydagger for £32.

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