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The Club Sweater 1950s-style motorcycling knitwear


A real period piece, remade for the modern market – The Club Sweater.

It's described as a 'homage to 1950s motorcycle style', authentically based on the kind of tops worn onh bikes in the middle of the last century. Available in two colour schemes (the more plain ecru and black is above), both are made of 100 per cent Merino wool and constructed in Italy. They're also described as 'winter warm and summer cool'. We say they're cool all-year round.

You can pick one up for £120. For more detail, you can also purchase 100 per cent wool felt embroidered logos of classic clubs of years gone by. They retail for £15, with a £5 charge if you want it attached to your sweater. Whether you've got a vintage bike or not, The Club Sweater is a very sharp thing for this winter.

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Daisy Lane collection at Lark

Daisy lane

For any girl who celebrated their birthday in the 1970s, the style of the new Daisy Lane collection at Lark will be instantly familiar. 

The range has been created by Allison at the Australian store Lark who was inspired by some vintage greetings cards she unearthed and decided to track down the original illustrator. That turned out to be Sue Adams, who created the sweet and flowery illustrations, so typical of the period, for greeting cards from the 1960s to the 1980s. The designs have now been revived and turned into a children's gift range, currently including posters, badges and bas of sweet and soon to be expanded. 

Prices start at AUS$4.95 for the badges sold with accompanying gift cards. 

See the range online

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Brigitte Herrod button badge heart picture


You may remember the rock n roll badge cushion we featured a few weeks back. Well, retro badges get put to another use with this button badge heart picture made by Brigitte Herrod

Herrod makes heart-shaped images using a selection of badges from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, from birthday badges to holiday souvenirs. Presented in an attractive looking box frame, each picture is a one-off. 

The picture sells for £175 so, if you have an abandoned badge collection gathering dust somewhere, it be be one to try at home. 

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