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The Club Sweater 1950s-style motorcycling knitwear


A real period piece, remade for the modern market – The Club Sweater.

It's described as a 'homage to 1950s motorcycle style', authentically based on the kind of tops worn onh bikes in the middle of the last century. Available in two colour schemes (the more plain ecru and black is above), both are made of 100 per cent Merino wool and constructed in Italy. They're also described as 'winter warm and summer cool'. We say they're cool all-year round.

You can pick one up for £120. For more detail, you can also purchase 100 per cent wool felt embroidered logos of classic clubs of years gone by. They retail for £15, with a £5 charge if you want it attached to your sweater. Whether you've got a vintage bike or not, The Club Sweater is a very sharp thing for this winter.

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Keith Haring fabric patches from the Pop Life exhibition shop

Fabric patches

The exhibition Pop Life opened last week at Tate Modern. The show looks at the impact of Pop Art and how following generations of artists embraced the cult of celebrity and the commercial opportunities it offered. At the centre of the exhibition is a recreation of Keith Haring's Pop Shop which he set up in New York to sell his branded products directly to the public. Of course this means Tate is stocking some great related products, including these fabric patches.  

Reflecting Haring's willingness to put his name to just about anything, they use four of his famous designs, including the baby. They are perfect for adding a touch of street art to a worn, but otherwise loved, item of clothing. At £4.40 each they are a cheap way into buying into a favourite artist and the spirit of the exhibition. 

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Retro gaming iron-on patches

Pac-man patch

If you've got a favourite sweater that's worn away at the elbows or if you're looking to liven up an old t-shirt, you may be interested in these retro gaming patches. The one pictured is based on the instantly recognisable pac-man ghost and there's also a Space Invaders patch available. 

Those unwilling to leave their consoles will be pleased to hear that they are iron-on for the easiest of applications. They are stocked at Urban Outfitters and cost £5 each. 

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