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Missoni Home Bianconero range

Missoni home bianconero

Missoni's distinctive clothes and textiles crop up time and time again on this site but their home products are also well worth a look, especially when the designs are as appealing as the Bianconero range.

The tea set has the bold use of pattern and the retro feel you'd associate with the brand. Each object has a slightly different look: from the Op Art style waves on the coffee pot to the Pop flowers on the mug. The black and white colour scheme helps to unify all the designs. 

Prices, as you'd expect from a designer brand, are high. They range from £108.50 for the teapot to £29 for the mug. However, they'll probably look as stylish in another thirty years as they do now, so perhaps you could consider it an investment. 

See them online at Occa-Home