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Poste greeting card range from Nineteenseventythree


Wish someone a very happy birthday in retro style with this new Poste greeting card range from Nineteenseventythree.

It's a colourful selection of cards, decorated with vintage style illustrations. There are 18 different designs to choose from with sentiments suitable for weddings, retirements, moving away and, yes, birthdays. 

The cards cost £2 each. 

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Play Time cards by Sean Sims

Sean sims car
We showed you the Sean Sims limited edition alphabet print last year. Now the letters are available individually, as the Play Time card range

Executed in an early 70s-style, each card is based around a different letter: from the brightly patterned 'K' for 'Kettle' to the monster towering over the metropolis for 'M', or the old-fashioned gent clutching an umbrella for 'U'.  

Ideal as birthday cards for kids or for adults who haven't quite grown-up yet, the cards cost £2 each. 

Order them from Nineteenseventythree

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Book plate gift wrap sets from Present & Correct

Book plate
Without mentioning the word, it's soon to be that time of year when you'll need some wrapping paper close to hand. For a more stylish than Santa option, take a look at these new book plate gift wrap sets from Present & Correct.

Each set contains four sheets of paper with a different design. The sheets all reference classic book plates from the 1940s and 50s, using eye-catching geometric patterns. To add the finishing touch, each sheet bears the inscription 'This gift belongs to' in the place of where a book lover would normally claim their ownership, therefore eliminating the need for separate address labels.

Both good-looking and time-saving, a set costs £6.75.

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Lego-style birthday cake candles

Blockz birthday

Birthday coming up? For something for your cake that works for the young at heart as well as for the young, try these Lego-style birthday cake candles

Made by Blokz, the candles are made in the bright colours and looks you'd expect from a Lego brick. And, if you are always pretty rubbish at blowing your candles out, these offer almost an hour of burn time! 

A cheap bit of fun, costing $7.99. 

Buy them from the Perpetual Kid website