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Great British Biscuits Cushion by Martin Wiscombe

All of Martin Wiscombe’s designs have a nostalgic theme to them, but I was particularly taken with the Great British Biscuits Cushion.

The cushion features illustrations of an assortment of biscuits just like you would get in biscuit tins that were brought out by aging relatives on special occasions. There is a jammy dodger, a custard cream, a bourbon, a party ring and, of course, that pink wafer that you either love or hate.

The cushion measures 45cm square, is made from faux cushion and is available to buy from Rustic Angels, priced £34.95.

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Family Favourites tea towel by Charlotte Farmer at New House Textiles

Family favourites

The 1950s Scandinavian designs from New House Textiles are frequently featured on this site. The newest additions to their shop take in a more traditionally British direction with a contemporary collection from Charlotte Farmer which includes this Family Favourites tea towel.

The illustration on the tea towel celebrates the rich biscuit heritage of this country with a selection including a malted milk, a Tunnocks tea cake and a party ring. You're sure to find your personal favourite on there. Take a look at the rest of her collection – which also includes canvas bags – for more biscuits, as well as cakes, cutlery and snow globes. 

This tea towel costs £9.50. 

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Gillian Kyle mugs


Gillian Kyle specialises in illustrations of classic Scottish food stuffs, previously featured as canvas bag designs. Now you can get the look in your kitchen too with her new mugs

The range includes some of our previous retro favourites, such as Creamola foam or the delicious Tunnock's Tea Cake, pictured above. Brightly coloured, they're a perfect way to add a taste of Scotland to your kitchen. 

The mugs cost £10.50 each. 

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Solitaire’s classic biscuit coasters


If the digit cake moulds we showed you earlier today have helped you work up a hunger, why not pause and stop for tea and a snack? If you need a further incentive, why not take a look at these coasters from Solitaire, featuring some of Britain's favourite biscuits?

They're similar in style to their vintage plate place mats, featured last year, with appetising designs of jammie dodgers, chocolate creams and rich tea biscuits hand-printed onto cotton. 

Two coasters of each biscuit are included in the sets of six. Each set costs £16.   

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