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For sale: 1970s windmill house in Dowbridge, Kirkham, Lancashire


I've been aware of this place for some time, but poor quality agent images have stopped us featuring. Not anymore – here is the 1970s windmill house in Kirkham, near Blackpool, Lancashire in all its retro glory.

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Silk seaside memento cushions from RE

Silk memento cushions

More retro holiday inspired homewares, with these seaside memento cushions from RE. 

The cushions are inspired by vintage silk scarves and each feature a pretty 1950s-style illustration of either Blackpool, the Isle of Wight and a more general British seaside scene. The cushions are backed with silk fabric. Each cushion is of a different size, so they'd look good displayed as a group as well as individually. 

The varying sizes lead to various prices too. The Blackpool cushion is the cheapest at £35 going up to £53 for the beach scene. 

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