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Mini Moderns x Pure Pop portable Bluetooth digital radio

We have featured the 1950s-inspired print on wallpaper as well as kitchenware and some bedding. But now you can get the Whitby design on these new Mini Moderns x Pure Pop portable Bluetooth digital radios.

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Mini Moderns Festival espresso set


We mentioned these were coming, way back here, but now the Mini Moderns new porcelain sets are available to pre-order, including this Festival espresso set

Using the patterns from their popular design inspired by the Festival of Britain, the set contains four mix and match set of espresso cups. The cups feature some of the famous visual elements of the festival such as the Skylon and the Dome of Discovery. A similar set is also available featuring another 50s-inspired design, Whitby. The designs are also available on tea plates and tea sets. 

The espresso set costs £19.95 while individual mugs are available for £7.50 each. 

Order them online now for shipping in the first week of September. 

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Whitby mug from Mini Moderns

Whitby mugIf you found yourself lusting over Mini Moderns' 1950s-inspired Whitby wallpaper but not able to run to the cost of a roll, they've launched a few options featuring this stylish design that are more purse friendly, such as this Whitby mug.

Featuring a detail of the distinctive seacape design, this mug is only available in one shade – the lido colour, which also matches one of the wallpaper colourways. The mug offers a taster for their full range of Whitby porcelain which is meant to be coming soon to their shop – we'll let you know when it does. Real enthusiasts can meanwhile invest in either or all of a cushion, canvas bag or a tea towel that also features the design. 

The mug costs £8. 

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1950s-inspired Whitby wallpaper by Mini Moderns


Yes, we know we've mentioned them already this week, but Mini Moderns are more than worthy of another mention for this very hip Whitby wallpaper.

We're deep in the 1950s, with the wallpaper inspired by '50s linocuts, as well as the vibrancy of that particular fishing port 'back in the day'. Fishing boats, hungry seagulls and the crashing of the waves all combining to create something that's both retro and stylish.

The wallpaper comes in 10m x 52cm rolls, printed with waterbased inks on paper from sustained forests. Four new colourways to choose from – Washed Denim, Awning Red, Stone and Lido. Two are above, the other two are pictured over the page. The price is £45 per roll and is available before the month is out.

Find out more at the Mini Moderns website

Photos credit: Josh Love at Love Vintage Furniture

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