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Mini Moderns Festival espresso set


We mentioned these were coming, way back here, but now the Mini Moderns new porcelain sets are available to pre-order, including this Festival espresso set

Using the patterns from their popular design inspired by the Festival of Britain, the set contains four mix and match set of espresso cups. The cups feature some of the famous visual elements of the festival such as the Skylon and the Dome of Discovery. A similar set is also available featuring another 50s-inspired design, Whitby. The designs are also available on tea plates and tea sets. 

The espresso set costs £19.95 while individual mugs are available for £7.50 each. 

Order them online now for shipping in the first week of September. 

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Fuff City Espresso cup

Fuff city

Fans of 1960s architecture may like to sip their coffees from this Fuff City espresso cup.

The cup is decorated in a panoramic illustration of what they describe as 'traditional British landscape' which translates to high rises and concrete buildings. If you look a bit closer, you can even see the Trellick Tower rising in the background. The scene is topped off with an image of a typically British bird – the pigeon that crops up on all of Fuff City's wares. 

The company also sells an estuary design with a similar look. This cup and saucer will set you back £12. 

Buy it online