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Blondie style: Chris Stein’s Nightmare limited edition silkscreen print by Pure Evil

The Nightmare series has been around for a while now, taking in everyone from Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe through to the Queen. But we think the new Chris Stein's Nightmare limited edition silkscreen print by Pure Evil has perhaps the most impact of the lot.

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Never Mind Your P’s and Q’s Punk alphabet book

Punk alphabet
For an alternative version of the alphabet, check out this Never Mind Your P's and Q's Punk alphabet book.

Yes, it's an alternative version of the alphabet all based around Punk, produced by American based Soundscreen design. Their B is for Blondie, I is for Iggy, M is for Mohawk and R is for the Ramones and so on. Each letter has its own illustration and short verse. Keeping it slightly true to the spirit of Punk, the book is sold with the warning that it features words and references some people might not find appropriate – we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Soundscreen design have produced two other 'Rockin' Alphabets': 'M is for Metal' and 'ABC & Western', both of which are pretty self-explanatory in their choice of genres. 

The book costs £19. 

Buy it from The Lollipop Shoppe