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Ink Blot Plates from Luna & Curious


Inspired by the Rorschach psychological tests, popular in the 1960's, these Ink Blot Plates from Luna & Curious will reveal your dinner guests' innermost secrets.

In the original tests, a subject was shown various indistinct ink blots and asked to describe what they saw. Their interpretations of the images were used to draw conclusions about their personality and emotional state. Taking her inspiration from the test, designer Kaoru Parry has created  four different designs: "Fox", "Rabbit", "Horse" and "Butterfly". They are made of bone china and hand painted in genuine 22 carat gold.

 The plates cost £20 each and you can buy them from Luna & Curious here.

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Anthropologie Natural World Dessert Plates



Lou Rota's distinctive natural world decoupage has seen her featured in these pages previoulsy but her collaboration with Anthropologie deserves another mention.

The range consists of three designs on vintage-inspired dessert plates which come in turquoise, green and coral. The plates have scalloped edges and gold leaf detail and come adorned with Lou's trademark bugs and reptiles.

Beautiful as decorative objects in their own right they would look great hung on the wall, but far more fun to serve dinner on them and let your guests discover the detail as they clear their plates.

The plates are bone china and measure 20cm diameter

They cost £16 each and you can buy them from the Anthropologie website