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Coca-Cola 125 years box set

Coca cola box set
2011 marks 125 years of Coca-Cola and, as you might expect, the company have released several products to mark the occasion, including this 125 years box set

The set is sold exclusively in Selfridges and consists of a branded wooden crate, containing replicas of four different early cola bottles dating from 1899 to 1916 and showing the evolution of their distinctive bottle. The set includes their first bottle style, the Hutchinson, which is also available individually. 

The box set costs £39.99, or you can buy a single Hutchinson style bottle for £1.99.

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Lego Drinks Bottle

  @ 2 1-4

There is no shortage of products out there for the Lego aficionado, the latest of which is this Drinks Bottle.

We've had storage bricks, storage heads, torches and lunch boxes and whilst some may be suffering from Lego fatigue, the classic style and block colours have some mileage yet.

This latest addition to the range is these colourful plastic bottles with Lego figure heads as the bottle top, which will certainly brighten up a packed lunch or picnic. In addition they are phtalate and bisphenol free  making them a safer option to store your beverage in.

You can pre-order the bottles from Firebox here.