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Sleeveless Floral Chiffon Top from New Look


Most of the sixties influenced looks on the high street focus on dresses and sharply cut mini skirts, but finding something to pair with those minis can be a challenge. This Flower Chiffon Bow Top from New Look offers a stylish solution that stands out among the many plain blouses and cardigans.

The sleeveless cut instantly injects some retro appeal into the silhouette, with a high neckline adding the right amount of conservative balance. It's the print that really makes this top though, with a modernist floral in a rich orange shade. Finished with a kitschy bow at the waist, the vintage inspiration is obvious but not overdone.

Get it from New Look now for £19.99.

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Cream Bow Heels from Marks and Spencer


White high heels have come to have a terrible reputation in recent years, but it only takes one shade of difference to turn a pair into a classic vintage-look option. These Demi Wedge Bow Heels from Marks and Spencer are a cutesy retro pair that will pair with a great variety of looks from fifties to eighties.

The fabric uppers take away any hint of tackiness that might be present with faux leather, while keeping them affordable. With a rich cream shade, the bow detail adds just enough retro kitsch, while a simple rounded toe shape keeps things classic. Sweet and stylish, this pair will see you through a very vintage Summer.

They're now available from Marks and Spencer for just £25.

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Stina Spot Neck Jumper from Monsoon


Finding the more everyday options for a fully dedicated retro wardrobe can often be the most difficult, with the myriad options for eveningwear now available. If you're after the ideal accompaniment for your capri pants or pencil skirt for the daytime, this Stina Jumper from Monsoon could be a contender.

The simple and chic slim knit of the jumper is only enhanced by a scoop neck to add some of the fifties' signature sex appeal. The addition of a polka dot ribbon detail and bow at the neckline creates an instantly vintage inspired look, without being too over the top for every day wear.

Get it now from Monsoon for £45.

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O&O Bow Dress at Urban Outfitters


For simple sixties style in an instant, a mini-dress is always a great choice – especially with great retro looks like this Bow Dress by O&O.

The sleeveless a-line creates a simple and effective silhouette, allowing vintage inspired details like a peter pan collar, pussybow and bib-style neckline to look classic and chic. The mini hemline is just short enough to still be wearable, while navy and cream are a versatile take on monochrome.

Get yours from Urban Outfitters now for £48.

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Bow Dolly Shoes by Poetic Licence


Dolly shoes are a great go to choice for almost any mid 20th century outfit, with perennial style that doesn't seem to be going out of style any time soon. This pair of Bow Dolly Shoes by Poetic Licence have a classic but cutesy style that's truly versatile too.

The lower heel height allows this shoe to work for day or night time, evoking a fifties style dance shoe style. The t-bar fastening ties in with that look, while a spot print and kitschy bow give a retro appeal that can span well into 1960s looks too.

They're available from Oli online now for £60.

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Monochrome Sleeveless Blouse from Oasis


Sometimes the easiest way to find the ideal retro wardrobe staple is to go for simplicity. That's especially evident with this Contrast Formal Top from Oasis, delivering a versatile and classic monochrome blouse that you'll wear over and over.

The sleeveless cut combines with a loose, luxurious fit to create a high end turn of the sixties feeling. The contrasting black is used sparingly as trim at the sleeves and collar, creating a sharp and neat shape. The added bow brings a feminine edge that assures a vintage edge.

Get it now from Oasis for £40.

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