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Archilife print series by Federico Babina: film stars in famous architect-designed homes

Sellers Neutra

Federico Babina has already given us Archicine prints featuring famous buildings from films and Archiset, in which movie plots were cleverly recreated in buildings. He's found another ingenious way to combine the two in his Archilife print series, which features film stars in famous architect-designed homes. 

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Lesser Known Architecture at The Design Museum

Welbeck car park

Some alternative examples of interesting London architecture are celebrated in the Design Museum's Lesser Known Architecture display, including Stockwell bus garage and its impressive concrete roof, the Berthold Lubetkin-design Bevin Court and the 1970s Welbeck Street car park, as pictured here. 

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New Liverpool People Will Always Need Plates editions from Utility

Liverpool met cathedral

The People Will Always Need Plates team seem to have been extra busy lately, what with their new book, bags and notebooks. Here's some more designs produced from up their busy sleeves, an exclusive range featuring some of Liverpool's landmarks for Utility

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Lego 20th Century Architecture Sets now available in the UK


We featured these some time back, but after a quick browse of the Lego website, we've just noticed that the Lego Architecture Sets are now available in the UK.

We mentioned two originally, but now there are four US architectural classics on the market – the Empire State Building, the Seattle Space Needle, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and last, but certainly not least, Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater construction, which is pictured above.

All are detailed replicas, all come with booklets detailing the design and the history. Just make sure you've got plenty of time to build them. An image of the Guggenheim is over the page, with prices starting at £19.99. Here's to some of the same from Lego.

Find out more at the Lego website

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