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Love Hearts Tealights


We're staying on a vintage sweets tip with focus on these rather wonderful Love Hearts Tealights.

Yes, on the face of it, as package of the classic Love Hearts sweets. But this is bigger than that, with the packet containing six tealights, each one shaped like a sweet and with the same sloppy message of love on the top.

Three designs over the six lights included, with a packet selling for £4.99. And note – you can't eat them.

Find out more at the Firebox website

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Red Phonebox lantern at Urban Outfitters


You don't see many red phoneboxes around these days, but you can pick one up for your home – specifically with the Red Phonebox lantern, which is new to Urban Outfitters.

The retailer doesn't have a lot to say about it on its site. Indeed, it has no words at all, but with the aid of a few pictures, we get the idea that you open the door, drop in a candle, then hang it or stand it where you like and watch the light shine out. Of course, it's a nice novelty thing to have on your sideboard even when you're out of candles.

Price? That'll be £22.

Find out more at the Urban Outfitters website

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Lego-style birthday cake candles

Blockz birthday

Birthday coming up? For something for your cake that works for the young at heart as well as for the young, try these Lego-style birthday cake candles

Made by Blokz, the candles are made in the bright colours and looks you'd expect from a Lego brick. And, if you are always pretty rubbish at blowing your candles out, these offer almost an hour of burn time! 

A cheap bit of fun, costing $7.99. 

Buy them from the Perpetual Kid website