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Tossed Vinyl Wall Art

More art and another product inspired by old vinyl! The Tossed Vinyl Wall Art is a digital print of randomly scattered records.

The close-ups of albums are set against a stark white background, which provides a contrast with the black vinyl and gives the piece a Sixties op-art look. The canvas measures 20 by 30 inches.

It costs $48 (about £30) from Urban Outfitters.

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Vintage Style Letters “Home” Canvas

Amongst Artylicious’ retro collection of canvases is this set of Vintage Style Letters “Home” Canvas.

The piece actually consists of four small canvas squares, measuring 7 inches each with a letter on each one to spell out “Home”. The letters are in an ornate vintage style and each one is set against a different coloured background.

The set costs £26 from Artylicious.

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Habitat’s retro-style maps of London and Paris by Alice Tait


On a walk round Habitat last week for something substantial to sit on, a couple of things for the wall actually drew my attention – these retro-style maps of London and Paris by Alice Tait.

They're canvas prints, each one with a really cool retro illustration of the major sights of each city. Slightly informative, very eye-catching.

Each one is 60 x 80cm and is digital image printed onto a canvas backing. They sell for £89. An image of the Paris map is over the page.

Find out more at the Habitat Art website

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Super Size Art replica vintage record sleeves get smaller and cheaper


Back in February, we featured Super Size Art, which specialised in remaking classic singles artwork as giant, 3D-style canvases for your home. Well, if the originals were a little large for you, the new Record Cover Canvas range by Super Size Art might suit your home and wallet a little better.

A limited number of the original range are available at the smaller size of 42 x 42cm, including the likes of The Who, The Rolling Stones and Marvin Gaye – the latter pictured above. All are printed canvas sleeves with inner disc, complete with a wall hook for mounting. It's also sold in a protective box, finished by hand and signed and numbered by the artist.

The price for the new, smaller versions? £90 each. The larger versions are also available on the same site, do a check for the seller's other items.

Find out more at the Not On The High Street website

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London in Letters Canvas


London in Letters Canvas should appeal to London lovers as well as anyone interested in typography. The canvas is a montage of photographs of words seen around London.

Street signs for iconic locations such as Carnaby Street, Camden Lock and the Old Bailey are mixed with tube,road and venue signs,  commemorative plaques and colourful graffiti, which gives it a slightly eighties look. The square canvas is available in four sizes, 41cm priced £69, 61cm for £125, 76cm for £199 and 101cm for £299. The latter two sizes are limited editions so are numbered.

Buy the London in Letters Canvas from Mooch.

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Vinnie Canvas T Bar Shoes from Topshop


T-bar strap shoes are always an easy and effective way to achieve a mid-20th century style, providing that timeless finish to outfits from the twenties to the sixties. For those who find heels hard to bear, Topshop have provided an ideal alternative in these Vinnie Canvas Flats, with all the chic of their heeled sisters.

Made from a cotton canvas, the shoes are comfortable enough for wearing every day and dancing in all night, with a suede toe cap and leather strap too. The peach shade adds some extra retro appeal, providing an unusual take on old fashioned jazz shoes. Practical doesn't always have to compromise on pretty, eh?

They're available from Topshop now for £25.

Find out more from the website