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Soda Stream gets a limited edition Karim Rashid makeover


It's something of an icon from the 1970s, so it's appropriate that Karim Rashid has given the Soda Stream a limited edition makeover – in a 1970s style.

Yes, there's a distinct space age look to the new Soda Stream, as well as a bold retro colour scheme for the exterior and carbonating bottles. There's even two limited edition syrups created especially for the new release – Elderberry-Blueberry and Lemon-Strawberry, should you fancy giving your tastebuds a treat too.

We've not seen this for sale in the UK as yet, but Colette (which ships worldwide) does have it – selling the set for 130 Euros, which is around £107.

Update: Soda Stream has been in touch to inform us that the Karim Rashd model is available in the UK, exclusively at Harvey Nichols.

Find out more at the Colette website