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’50s style tea towel from H&M

Elde tea towel

It's a classy piece of design which looks like it would be more at home on the wall than in the kitchen but in fact this '50s style tea towel is from H&M

Designer Anna Karin-Elde has depicted two ceramics, drawn in a sketchy fifties style. The simple design is then printed onto 100% organic cotton. 

You'd expect H&M to be cheap but in fact this design is on sale so it's even more of a bargain, costing just £3.49. 

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Mandy Floral Crop Bustier Top from Joy

Product_MANDY_TOP_01 It's that time of year when the shops are full of fun summer pieces perfect for long sunny afternoons in the park or by the sea and the Mandy Floral Crop Bustier Top from Joy is one such piece.

The bustier is made from pale blue cotton with a white spot print and bright red strawberry design. The red of the strawberries is picked out with button detailing on the front for a retro fifties look, whilst adjustable straps and hook and eye fastenings at the back will give you a great fit for that bombshell silhouette.

Perfect with some high-waisted pedal pushers or a circle skirt for vintage summer style.

The top costs £29 and you can buy it online here.

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Printed Floral Dress from George at Asda


Floral prints have become a perennial choice of retro print, providing a source of inspiration for a variety of twentieth century eras. This Printed Floral Dress from George at Asda uses a sixties interpretation to provide a simple and stylish Spring dress.

The dress structure has an instantly early sixties feel, thanks to the modernised fifties elements like a more structural circle skirt, capped sleeves and a high waistline. The colour palette provides a contrast to the extreme femininity of floral print, avoiding obvious pinks and reds.

Get it from Asda now for a surprisingly thrifty £18.

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1970s cotton floral fabric at The Vintage Fabric Market

1970s fabric

Let your inner flower child run wild with this beautiful 100% cotton 1970s floral fabric. It's heavy-weight and perfect for when you're feeling arts and crafty.

The weighting of the material would suit cushion covers, or some other small project, as it's 18 x 22 inches, and there's only two samples in this design available.

Be quick to get yours for the bargain price of £3 (postage and packing included) from The Vintage Fabric Market