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1960s Clarks Desert Mali boots reissued


When you think Clarks desert boot, I suspect you've got a certain 'look' in your mind. No surprise, it's a design classic. But it was never the only desert boot in the range. Indeed, one 'lost' gem is heading back to the racks – the Clarks Desert Mali boots.

First introduced back in 1967 and heading back to the racks this year after a long absence, it takes the term desert boot a little more literally, made to withstand tough terrain more than the usual boot. But with a suede upper in a choice of colours, I suspect it's far from perfect for a long desert trek.

Sold with vintage-style packaging and 'industrial' laces, it should be on the shelves in the coming weeks, price to be confirmed. Keep your eyes on the Clarks Originals section of the Clarks website

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