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Retro travellers desk diary 2016 by Herb Lester Associates

We know some people have now moved away from paper diaries and onto organisers on phones, tablets and computers. But that certainly isn’t us. On the contrary, we still live our lives using something not a million miles from this travellers desk diary 2016 by Herb Lester Associates.

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The Redstone Press 2010 Russian diary


If you are already looking ahead to next year and want to stock up on your stationery now, you may be interested in The Redstone Press' 2010 Russian diary. If you've ever bought one of Redstone's diaries before you'll know what a visual treat they are and this one is no different. Its illustrations are collected from 1920s and 1930s children literature from the Soviet Union and include works by artists such as Vladimir Mayakovsky and El Lissitzky. The images give a glimpse not only into the imaginary worlds of children's books but also the idealism of the period. 

The diaries are sturdy and spiral bound and cost £14.95 for a year's worth of inspiration. 

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’50s print Filofax Fresco Beauty Giftbox


Mention the word Filofax to me and I think of shoulder-padded, hard-nosed business execs storming their way through the 1980s. However, the Filofax is still around and it seems eager to get in touch with its softer, more feminine side with products such as this Fresco beauty giftbox

The giftbox contains all the essentials for a beauty conscious girl about town: a mirror, a pen that also contains a perfume atomizer, a voucher for a free beauty treatment and of course the Filofax organiser, decorated with an attractive '50s-style illustration. They are also available in a hot pink or snake skin finish and cost £40. 

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