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Blaue Blume Tea Service from Undergrowth Designs

Eat me

In terms of crockery for afternoon tea, our favourite meal of the day, we thought we'd seen everything. Oh how wrong we were.

In no way whatsoever is this Blaue Blume Tea Service from Undergrowth Designs just another collection of twee patterned cups & saucers. The plates are adorned with an intricate 1920s lace pattern with a simplistic 'Eat me!' slogan in your choice of black or gold, whilst the cups, teapot and other pieces are finished with a pair of ladies legs. Some of the more eccentric pieces include the sugar bowl, which is designed as an old fashioned rolltop bath, and the petit four stand, which is propped up at the bottom by an antique doll's head. Every piece has been lovingly made and glazed by hand in London. Although it will not be to everyone's taste, this is a truly unique collection that will no doubt cause a stir at your next tea party.

Pieces in the collection start from £12.26. You can see the full range on the Undergrowth Designs website.

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Mattel’s Mad Men Barbie dolls now on sale in the UK


We first saw these back in March, but now the Mad Men Barbie dolls are available in the UK. Well, most of them.

Right now, you can order Don Draper and Betty Draper, with Joan Holloway available from next Friday. What's happened to Roger Sterling and his monogrammed suit? We don't know – we're hoping he'll be here for Christmas though.

Opt for Joan and she'll come with purple skirt suit, pen necklace and handbag. Don is suited as well having a jacket, hat, and briefcase, while Betty has a floral party dress with 'pearl' choker and clutch containing powder compact, lipstick, and comb. All are moulded out of Silkstone, a porcelain-like material and all the 11-inch figures sell for £79.99.

Find out more at the website

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Penny Girl Dolls from Kiss Her by Bianca Hall

Penny doll
The new range from Kiss Her by Bianca Hall takes its inspiration from Penny Girl dolls. Penny dolls were small dolls made entirely from bisque, mass produced in Germany and Japan from the late 1800s up until about 1930. They were called penny dolls because that was what they usually cost in the sweet shops where they were sold.

This range reproduces images of the dolls onto homewares, initially tea towels and tote bags but soon to be available on cushions and prints too. The photographs are reproduced in bright pinks and purples or like a photographic negative giving a more contemporary look to the very old fashioned subject matter.

The price for the bags start at £8.50 while the tea towels cost £12 each.

Buy them online

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eBay watch: Lundby midcentury-style dolls houses and furniture


Big thanks to Sonia for inspiring today's eBay watch, although her collection of Lundby midcentury-style dolls houses and furniture could easily have fit into our Retro Rooms section.

Sonia has been buying 1960s and 1070s Lundby pieces off eBay of late, Swedish designs that replicate Scandinavian living of the time in minute detail – right down to the avocado bath suites, working light systems and illuminated period TVs and fish tanks.

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