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The Perfect Picnic by Hilda Leyel


 The Perfect Picnic, published tomorrow, is just the book to ensure a certain sophistication to your al fresco dining activities this summer.

Hilda Leyel, who originally wrote The Perfect Picnic in 1936 was an expert cook and founder of the Society of Herbalists. She had a number of forward thinking ideas about food, such as eating seasonally and perfecting traditional British dishes, which chime perfectly with our current culinary fashions.

Recipes include egg mayonnaise on crusty bread, watercress, beetroot and nasturtium salad and spiced plum cake with salted almonds all of which promise delicious possibilities for summer dining.

You can buy The Perfect Picnic from Amazon for £4.99 here.


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Red Cornishware from T.G. Green

Cornish please
Cornishware is instantly recognisable with its blue and white stripes. In a twist on the look, T.G. Green have resurrected the 'lost' Cornishware Red range from the 1950s and are putting it back in our kitchens. 

As part of their long history manufacturing Cornishware, T.G. Green experimented with creating red Cornishware in the 1950s but abandoned the range when they found it hard to keep the colour consistent, hence it being described as 'lost'. The rare samples that leaked out have since become expensive collector's items.

The good news for all enthusiasts of the look is that sixty years later, T.G. Green have cracked the colour and brought the range back into production. The cheerful and festive colour combination has been applied to all their traditional items and is now just a click away. 

Prices start at £10 for a beaker. 

See the range online

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60s style Nina dining range at Habitat

Nina platter

The Nina dining range, new in at Habitat, uses bright 60s-style shapes and colours to create an impact. 

The bold colours give the dishes a Pop Art flavour, while the 'slinky'-like shape included in the pattern references another key 60s art movement, Op Art. To complete the look, the range is all made from melamine and includes the platter shown above, as well as trays, dishes and even salad servers. 

If you like this look, you may want to take a look at Habitat's Evelyn lightshades which use a similar pattern. 

Prices start at £2. 

See the range online

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Luna bistro outdoor dining set at Sparrow and Finch

Luna bistro

The good weather isn't meant to last this time but get ready for the next spot of sunshine with the Luna bistro outdoor dining set from Sparrow and Finch

It's a contemporary design with more than a passing nod to the 1950s. The Fifties influence extends to more than the name alone, with the curved base to the table and the unusual shape of the chairs giving it a distinctive look. In fact the style is one that you might be tempted to bring into your house, as well as putting in the garden. 

The set costs £299.95.

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