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Jade Marczynski Embroidery “Caravanning”

If all of the prints we’ve featured recently haven’t quite been your thing, then Jade Marczynski Embroidery has some completely different artwork including this piece, “Caravanning”.

It features a hand embroidered design of a vintage caravan on a piece of vintage floral fabric, which it turns out is 1940s nightgown material. It is sold ready framed.

It costs £70 from Lasso the Moon.

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Tapestry Bag from New Look


Embroidery, tapestry and needlepointed fabrics were not long ago confined to the houses of our grandparents and the back room of the charity shop. Taking back the best parts of these often-forgotten design techniques, retro fashion has embraced it in pieces like this Tapestry Bag from New Look.

The classic shape of the handbag, including a clip frame and loose metallic strap, lets the intricate fabric shine against its simplicity. With a floral tapestry design, the bag has added texture along with a truly vintage look that's easy to pair with a wide variety of styles.

It's available now from New Look for a discounted price of just £9.74.

Find out more from the website

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Andrew Tanner’s Sayings in Stitch mugs

Sayings in stitch

Andrew Tanner has given the old-fashioned art of the sampler an update for twenty-first century with his Sayings in Stitch mugs.

These designs bring together some of the finest British traditions: a fine craft heritage and a quintessentially British saying, combined with the enjoyment of a good mug of tea! Each mug features a different saying, presented as if it has been embroidered onto the mug. As well as the pictured opportunity to discuss the finer points of the North versus South debate, other designs feature phrases like 'Ay up me duck' and 'lovely jubbly'.

The mugs cost £14 each. 

Buy them from Designed in England

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Charley Harper needlepoint

Harper flamingo

Regular readers of the site will be aware that we are massive fans of Charley Harper's mid-century designs. Those who are gifted with a needle may be interested to hear that some of his best loved prints are available as needlepoint designs.  

Treglowan design produce the hand painted canvases, it's then up to the embroiderer to select the threads to match and interpret the pattern. Pictured is Flamingo Row which costs $70, but the prices vary from $50 up to $350: definitely not one for beginners.  

Buy them from Purl Soho