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Etch A Sketch iPhone case


You might remember that we featured an Etch A Sketch iPad case some time back, which turned the fashionable tablet into a vintage kids toy. At least in looks anyway. Well, somehow we missed its little brother – the Etch A Sketch iPhone case.

In essence, it does the same thing to your iPhone as it did with the iPad. Although let's be honest, the proportions aren't quite the same with the tablet and iPhone versions. Still, it's guaranteed to catch the eye when you pull out your iPhone on the bus or trains.

Officially licensed and made of impact resistant ABS plastic, you can grab one for $24.99 online.

Find out more at the ThinkGeek website

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Official Etch A Sketch case for Apple’s iPad


Got an iPad? Want to give it a retro twist? You need the official Etch A Sketch case.

Yes, you can turn your expensive Apple touchscreen tablet into a 50-year-old toy, courtesy of Headcase, with the added bonus of the case protecting your investment thanks to the impact-resistant plastic construction.

All your slots and switches are left exposed (should you be worried) and a retractable kick stands allow you to either lay your iPad flat, or angle it for use with the iPad keyboard. Want one? You can pick it up online for $39. Sadly those knobs at the bottom don't offer up added control. Oh well.

Find out more at the Headcase website