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A Clockwork Orange iPad cases with original book art


We have seen book-inspired cases for the Amazon Kindle before, but we think this A Clockwork Orange iPad case, along with its Kindle Fire equivalent, pushes the bar up just a little further in terms of subject matter.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas reborn as a mobile and tablet app


Whether you have a mobile phone, tablet, iPhone or Android device, you can get yourself a copy of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Yes, the classic 1960s festive animation is back for the modern era.

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Classic Nintendo Game Boy cases for iPad 2 and iPhone 4 at Lootiful


So, you've spent a small fortune on the latest Apple gadgets, can it get any better? Of course it can, you can make them look like old school gadgetry with these classic Nintendo Game Boy cases for iPad 2 and iPhone 4.

What does it do? It makes your iPhone or iPad look like a Game Boy. The iPhone 4 is available now, a slim case with 'Lay-on-table' design (the screen will not touch when face-down), offering full access to the touchscreen, ports and buttons. Of course, it also keeps your iPhone safe from damage, which is the main thing.

The iPad 2 case isn't yet available, but looks to offer more of the same, albeit on a larger scale. The iPhone 4, while stocks last, sells for $17.99. No price as yet for the iPad version. Get one quick if you want one – this doesn't sound licensed, so might not be around for much longer. See a shot of the iPad case over the page.

Find out more at the Lootiful website

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