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eBay watch: Artifort 1960s F978 lounge chair by Geoffrey Harcourt


We're doing a bit of reading between the lines here. This is simply listed as a '1968 swivel lounge chair designed by Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort' and should be taken as such. But we believe it is specifically the Artifort 1960s F978 lounge chair by Geoffrey Harcourt.

We featured a reissue of the design back in 2008, which retailed then (and we suspect, retails now) for around £1,776. So we're talking a bargain here, even if it's not as perfect as a new one.

For your money, you get a chair that is 'totally original', with the original upholstery, although it could 'do with a clean'. There's also a fibreglass shell and steel foot in the original black colour. Condition is described as 'good' and the price right now is £195.

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