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Girard-inspired Flora floor tiles from Flor

Flora Rug kit

Add some mid-century style to your house with these Flora floor tiles from Flor

Flor are the company behind the La Fonda Del Sol and this design, featuring leaves, butterflies, birds and flowers, is also inspired by Alexander Girard's distinctive style. 

The design is available in three different colourways and is sold in six tile packs: you could obviously put several packs together to cover a larger area if necessary. 

They cost $159.99 for six tiles.

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Make It! Mid-Century Modern on-line ‘how to’ book


It's hard to keep track of the hundreds of mid-century classics we've featured on this site, alongside the contemporary pieces that use them for inspiration. However, all too often the style comes with a hefty price tag. If you like the look, but not the high costs involved, you may be interested in 'Make It', a how-to book on mid-century style that's available on-line. 

The book has been put together by the people behind the Curlby web community and features twelve different projects ranging from how to make a Nelson-style clock, as shown above, to recreating your own Calder-influenced mobile or Girard-inspired Ottoman. The text also has information on all the designers highlighted. 

With templates and patterns included, if you're craftily inclined, it sounds well worth the $9.99 for a downloadable colour pdf or $18 for a full colour printed version. 

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