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Bronwen Deane Gateshead car park pin


On Friday we ran the story that Gateshead car park is being demolished this week. As an alternative way of honouring this icon of brutalist architecture, how about this Gateshead car park pin, made by Bronwen Deane?

The piece is made from a combination of acrylic and silver, featuring a digital image of the car park that's been manipulated to get the strong colours. She also sells a bangle based around a different image of the same location. 

Bronwen's work is all about the contrast between the severity of the architecture and the preciousness normally associated with a piece of jewellery. Take a look at her website for more pieces that featuring subject matter like tower blocks, Glasgow Barrowlands and, of course, the Trellick Tower. 

No exact cost given but the price guide on the website indicates prices start at £25 for pins. You need to contact her directly to place an order. 

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