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Sadie Flower Headband from Boohoo


With festival season in full swing, the high street has once again turned to that most iconic of events in music festival history, Woodstock, for inspiration. That's ideal news for lovers of the hippy aesthetic of the late sixties, with pieces like this Sadie Flower Headband from Boohoo on the market.

The headband is simple but unmistakeable in its vintage inspiration and looks, taking the feel of genuine flower headbands without the trouble of the inevitable wilting. The result is a truly hippy-inspired look that doesn't veer too far into the clichés that many sixties retro items can fall for.

Get yours from Boohoo for just £5.

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Categories / Women's Fashion

Art Deco Alexa Hairband by Rock ‘n Rose


Pre-war retro looks are much less common on the high street, so it can often take a little bit more digging for lovers of twenties and thirties fashion to find affordable items. These Alexa Headbands from vintage-style accessories brand Rock 'N Rose are a rare gem, at a snip too.

The UK based designers have a knack for simple and stylish vintage pieces, and this piece is no different. The use of sequins within a sharp art deco fan design gives some very twenties sparkle to a simple item. The hairband makes it an easy piece to wear for any occasion to boot.

Get them online from Rock 'N Rose for £22 each.

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