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Star Wars R2-D2 headphones


There's actually six pairs of headphones in the series, but these Star Wars R2-D2 headphones, are, for us, the pick of the bunch.

Good for audio players and mobiles (iPhone, HTC, BlackBerry and Sa,sing for example), thew headphones that that R2 styling and the option to fold down when not in use. If you want the full technical breakdown, see the site for details.

Indeed, see that same site for all the headphones in the series. if you want the ones above, 49.90 Euros is the price.

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Sennheiser HD 220 headphones by Adidas Originals


If you remember the original Adidas x Sennheiser headphones, you might remember the great retro looks and classic Adidas branding, but also the £200 price tag – not exactly in reach of everyone. Well thankfully, there is now a cut-price alternative – the Sennheiser HD 220 headphones by Adidas Originals.

Like the original incarnation, it's a mix of audio know-how and old school Adidas branding, with strong neodymium magnets for powerful, bass-driven stereo sound, a closed supra-aural design that blocks outside noise and individually adjustable ear cups for a secure and comfortable fit.

Oh yes – there's also that rather cool Adidas pouch. All of that for £50. See another shot of the actual headphones over the page.

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