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Heart watch on expander strap



Cute and funky – this heart watch on expander strap is the ideal accessory for your wrist.

No longer are these type of watches left just for girls under the age of 10. Now the retro-style pink watches are making a big come back and are a trendy addition to your life.Trust us – you will no be disappointed.

Get your own from ASOS for the bargain price of £20.

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Heart Duffle Coat from Miss Selfridge


Classic Paddington Bear-a-like duffle coats are always a worthwhile choice of retro outerwear, providing practicality and classic style all at once. There's always room for some variety, though, and with vintage looks like this Heart Duffle Coat from Miss Selfridge there's no compromise.

The peach-orange shade has an instantly mid-sixties look, along with the shortened a-line cut that's girly and dollish enough for a mod inspired style. The addition of faux fur in a rich cream shade adds some luxury to the coat, belying its High Street price tag, while bell sleeves are a cute touch.

Get it now from Miss Selfridge for £70.

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Jonathan Adler’s Lolita-style sunglasses case



With summer fading into a memory for another year, it's sadly time to put the sunglasses away. What better way to keep them in style than with Jonathan Adler's heart sunglasses case

Since the 1962 film, heart sunglasses will forever be associated with Lolita and they still frequently crop up on the catwalk. The motif on this case is immaculately crafted using needlepoint and uses a Lolita-style colour scheme too – red frames against a bubblegum pink background. 

The case costs £30. 

Buy it from Supernice

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Heart Print Mini Shorts from ModCloth


Shorts were, not long ago, the sole property of beachwear sections and the hottest of summer months. Happily, the availability of cute pairs on our high streets and online has extended far beyond that, providing retro skirt alternatives all year round.

These From the Bottoms of Our Hearts shorts by ModCloth are a kitschy and cute pair, ideal for getting a fifties or sixties influenced look thanks to the heart print and colour palette. The structure, too, leans on a retro look thanks to a high waist and slightly widened leg.

They're available online from ModCloth now for $34.99.

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Cream Heart Print Dress from Miss Selfridge


With the Spring finally in full flow (some of the time), light dresses and skirts are finally a tempting prospect from the high street rails. Miss Selfridge's new collections feature a surprising number of options for retro gals, like this Heart Print Dress with a decidedly forties flavour.

The tea dress shape has come back into favour with mainstream fashion of late, and this version is simple without being drab. The rich cream colour is an ideal shade to back a heart and bird print that, while not strictly vintage, clearly derives inspiration from a retro aesthetic.

The dress is available from Miss Selfridge now for £38.

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