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Tetris Mirror by Sonar Ozenc

Tetris mirror

We've featured many Tetris-inspired products before, from chocolates to tiles. Here's another way the game can creep off the Game Boy and into your home: the Tetris Mirror

Designed by Sonar Ozenc, it's made from laser-cut acrylic and comes in thirteen panels, using the shapes so familiar from the game. It's then up to you whether you display them as one rectangle or break it down into the different parts. The temptation would be to keep re-arranging them for optimum (theoretical) points! 

The mirror is available in silver or gold and costs £39.85. 

Buy it from The Hidden Art Shop

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Vintage stamps wallpaper by Catherine Hammerton

Stamps wallpaper

Here's something to appeal to any hidden philatelists: a vintage stamps wallpaper. The wallpaper, made by Catherine Hammerton, is printed with images of vintage stamps from around the world. 

Receiving letters is an increasing rarity and this design is a reminder of just how appealing old stamps can be. The muted colours of the photographic print makes for an attractive pattern, whether or not you choose to study the stamps in detail. The paper will set you back quite a bit more than the price of a first class stamp however with a 10 metre roll costing £179. 

Buy it from the Hidden Art Shop