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On the Road classic Penguin flask

Penguin on the road flask
This classic On the Road Penguin flask pictures the iconic book cover, written by Jack Kerouac in the 1950s.

Inspiring beatnik teenagers everywhere to set off and explore, escaping the restrictions of authority, this thermo-flask is a handy travelling companion Kerouac himself would have been proud of.

Another great move from Penguin, get yours from Urban Outfitters for £25.00.

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Angelheaded Hipsters display at the National Theatre


Fans of the Beat Generation should try to check out the new Angelheaded Hipsters display at the National Theatre, London.

The title for the show comes from Allen Ginsberg's infamous poem Howl and the display, organised by photographic agency Corbis, features prints made from images in Ginsberg's archive. Mainly snapshots taken in the early 50s, together they create a fascinating insight into the scene and feature images of the likes of Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs and Neal Cassady. 

If that captures your interest, you may also be interested in an event the National Theatre is hosting on 19 Feb. Subtitled 'discovering the beat movement', poet Michael Horovitz and Barry Miles, co-founder of International Times and Ginsberg's biographer, have been invited along to discuss the lasting influence of the Beats. 

The display is free, while the event costs £5. 

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