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On the Road classic Penguin flask

Penguin on the road flask
This classic On the Road Penguin flask pictures the iconic book cover, written by Jack Kerouac in the 1950s.

Inspiring beatnik teenagers everywhere to set off and explore, escaping the restrictions of authority, this thermo-flask is a handy travelling companion Kerouac himself would have been proud of.

Another great move from Penguin, get yours from Urban Outfitters for £25.00.

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Pretty City London travel flask


New from Disaster Designs and just in time for a summer of camping and festivals is this Pretty City London travel flask. It's an old fashioned shaped flask decorated with a charming illustration that shows some of London's most famous tourist landmarks. 

The Pretty City designs cover a range of products, from wallets to tea towels, so you're sure to find something that suits your needs. Each design plays on nostalgic tourist images of the capital. 

The flask, and range, is reasonably priced too at £12.99

Buy it from the cloth-ears website.